Thanks for a great product. I'll be back!
From Open University student

For Algebra and Advanced Subsidiary:

may I put on record my appreciation

your material gave me help and reinforcement

increasing my confidence to pursue my maths

I am enjoying life at University

19 year old pupil (man):

self explanatory and easy

laid down basis of skill required

helped me consolidate

succinct and effective

boosted my confidence

contributed significantly towards helping me

prepare for exams

From 16 year old (boy):

GCSE Mechanics was very helpful

clearly explained and easy to understand

well laid out

well structured

I would not hesitate to use these again

From 16 year old pupil (girl):

From 15 year old (girl):

easy to understand

clear and concise

thoroughly recommended

From 15 year old pupil (boy): 

simple and easy way to learn maths 

careful explanations of each topic

so you are never left without any help

also questions to make sure you know and understand what you have learned, and each question has a worked answer to check everything you have covered

From a 10 year old pupil (boy): 

the material describes the working our in a way that is easy to understand. The worked examples are laid out very clearly

For maths for 9-11 year olds Extracts from a head teacher's letter:

very well received by parents, teachers and pupils

self contained

highly  structured

all children including the less well able are helped
to develop concepts through a series of clearly defined steps

increased confidence for pupils

parents find user friendly as worked examples are given

language and notation are simple and clearly defined

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The Author: R.M. O’Toole B.A., M.C., M.S.A., C.I.E.A. Ros has been a State Examiner (UK) since 1992 and is an experienced teacher, lecturer, consultant and author of 15 math books. She is a member of the Society of Authors and an affiliate member of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors. From an early age, Ros’s father, Jack Tumelty, encouraged in her a love of mathematics. This stayed with her. Later, as a teacher, she saw a need for specifically designed maths books to teach and test. Teaching gave her hands-on experience of helping pupils of differing abilities, thus enabling her to design the material in graduated order of difficulty. Also, examining taught her how to test and set objective questions appropriate to the level of study. Over a period of more than 30 years, she has written copious ​notes to help pupils. Keenly aware of problem areas, she devised ways to solve them. That is how the ​books and material on this website came into existence. Commercial Director: GB O’Toole B.A (Hons.), CertPFS Barney established the Mathematics Publishing Company, a member of the Publishers’ Association, in 1994 to publish Ros’s work. The books were on sale from leading bookstores, and sold directly to schools. He later established to act as a shop window on the internet. The Math material is now available in e-book format which you can download straight into your computer ​ in minutes. This means you have the benefit of being able to start using the material right away. D. Tumelty O.C.R. R.S.A. Stages 1 & 2: Levels 1 and 2 Denise is a computer specialist and provides assistance with the everyday running of the site. Robert Dobbin: Manager Robert specialises in systems. He provides support to the website on a multilevel basis.